A Quarter-century

Or 25 years in other words.

Barcelona, January 2020
Barcelona, January 2020

I’ve finally reached that specific number.

For some people I’m young for some others, I’m old or at least I’m starting to.

Two years ago, I wrote an article for my 23rd birthday, it was a kind of introspection on myself.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do it last year, but 2020 has been special in many ways, so I thought it was a good idea to do it this year.

2020 hasn’t been a great year for everybody. Hopefully for me, I was barely affected and I’m really thankful for that.

Like everyone I had plans for this year, but it didn’t well as I wanted. It was mainly some trips around the world which are something important for me and for who I am.

For some people, it’s only a way to spend holidays, but as I talked about in my article two years ago, traveling is really something that defines me.

I need that to really feel alive, discovering new people, new feelings, that’s kind of my growth tool. It helps me with many plans, I could make an article just about that!

I really wanted to spend the year before my 25 to learn as much as possible about the world and myself, discovering a lot of new things.

Even though I couldn’t travel, I surprisedly learned a lot about myself and what I want to do with my life.

As I couldn’t travel I focused my energy on my work, in different ways.
I had some period when I was just working all day long, nothing more, nothing less. And sometimes where I could find some free time and do the things that I like, except work.

Reading non-business books, playing video games, going out for a walk, these things that I usually do once in a while (and by once in a while I mean probably once a year) I did multiple times on a short period.

Even in my work or personal project, I had different phases where I tried different things. Some worked, some didn’t, so I had to question myself.

I had a lot of ups but also some downs, when for example, I reached the point when I felt completely useless and asked myself why I’m doing what I do and why not simply quit everything.

All of these feelings in the comfort of my home, that’s kind of interesting at some point.

Finally, in the last months of this year, I could take the time to think about all of that, what I’ve done in the previous years, what made me happy, what doesn’t, and how to handle all this information to start 2021 (and my 25th year) in the best way possible.

I ended up with something quite simple:

Doing what I like when I feel that it will be good.

It sounds really simple, but it’s really complex when we think about it, at least for me.

I’m used to mainly think about the goals, and the rewards at the end of something and then do the execution, without thinking about if it’s good for me or if I will like it.

I guess that’s how you end up doing something you don’t like.

The easiest way for me to change that is to just do what I really like.
It works for what I do with my time but also what I think, how I behave, it kinda change my vision of the world.

It also works on my social life, I will not act the same way with people depending on the situation.

To make it simple, I’ll try to enjoy everything I do to the fullest and trying to be myself as much as possible.

It could look like a minor change, but these minor changes make a big difference, especially in the long term.

I’m having trouble to keep a daily journal to see my progress and do a more regular introspection, but doing it yearly is great too and at least better than nothing.

It helps me relativize on what I’ve done, if it’s good or wrong, what I should keep, and how I should continue my journey.

Before writing that, I’ve read the one from two years ago and it really helped me as I’ve noticed what has changed, for the good or not, and how was my mind at this time and how/why it changed for the way it is now.

I really advise each of you reading this to do it with yourself. Not necessarily for your birthday, but just over the past year (and what a year). Hopefully for me, it’s almost at the same time.

Writing everything down also help arrange and keep a clear idea of the result of my introspection, it will also be useful in some months (or in a year) to see how I progressed.

To finish it in a good way I’ll quote what I’ve said in my yearly introspection from 2 years ago :

Always listen to your heart and what you truly want in life, to be able to enjoy and learn as much as you can. There will always be some bad times, but we should not keep away the good ones because of something or someone which we do not completely agree with.
Live your life as you want it to be, not as others want.

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